Spatial Arrangements

Wouter Stelwagen
Wouter Stelwagen
Wouter Stelwagen

Over de expositie

In the exhibition Spatial Arrangements Seelevel Gallery showcases new work by two photographers: Sander Meisner and Wouter Stelwagen. This exhibition will be a collaboration between Seelevel Gallery and Rutger Brandt Gallery.
Sander Meisner and Wouter Stelwagen are both photographers in search of stillness, contemplation and beauty in urban landscapes, and have a strong sense of geometry and composition. They are fascinated by areas of the city, far away from civilization, on the twilight zone between city, industry and nature.

Wanneer en waar

  • Expositieperiode was t/m 3 okt 2015
Galerie Caroline O'Breen
Hazenstraat, 15
1016SM Amsterdam

open: tijdens tentoonstellingen wo t/m za 12.00-18.00, en op afspraak