Riet Wijnen: Conversation One - A Preface


Over de expositie

Conversation One: A Preface is the second part of Riet Wijnen’s new cycle of work, entitled Sixteen Conversation on Abstraction. Sixteen fictional conversations, sixteen subsequent pieces, and one sculpture, are the organizing principle of this cycle. The conversations and pieces form a conceptual space, in which the term ‘abstraction’ is examined, formulated, constructed and deconstructed. Each time, a particular subject related to the concept abstraction is examined in conversations with specific people in imaginary settings. The sculpture, which also functions as a diagram, maps the connections between these different conversations.
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Wanneer en waar

  • Expositieperiode was t/m 9 jan 2016
Ellen de Bruijne Projects
Singel 372
1016 AH Amsterdam

open: di t/m vr 11.00-18.00, za 13.00-18.00


Riet Wijnen