Jacqueline Bozon, Christiaan Lieverse en Robert Pan

Over de expositie

Jacqueline Bozon’s work is inspired by the different cultures and people she sees and meets in this world. This newest serie called „Off -& Online” is inspired by the speed of our world where we are living in.We are running out of world beyond time and space. The scene takes place through connections and dreams.A new generation of tracks, life paths and emotions..This view at life is reflected in her work in a colorful combination of lines that lead you in an adventure.Her technique is as mysterious as perfect, lot’s of carefully painted layers separated by resin which is giving a special spatial image.Her motto "The art is to see without thinking and not thinking what you see"

The Dutch artist Christiaan Lieverse (1971) began to paint at an early age. Women are the main motive in his figurative work. In 2008 he started with a thematic series ' Lieverse Hybrids '. These are from perfect parts (and according to the ideal proportions of the golden section) accumulated women faces. Although the base is formed by a part of a real face, by manipulating (mirroring) he creates an unusual perfection that fascinates. Then the viewer gets an almost shocking surprise: the face is printed on a real, hairy cowhide. Reason for this series, was a newspaper report about a University experiment in which a ovum of a cow was injected with 99.9% human DNA. So there was so even 0.1% DNA of the cow itself. “I started to fantasize how such a hybrid human-cow would look like" says Lieverse. The search for opposites is characteristic in his projects; as well in his paintings as in his photographic work. Defect and perfection. Pride and defeat. Pain and victory. Coldness and empathy.

Robert Pan was born in 1969 in Bolzano (Italy), where he lives and works in a tower which he has renovated. After graduating in Valdagno, he studied sculpture under professor Raffaello Scianca at the Urbino Academy. His first solo exhibition was in 1991, in Bolzano's Galleria Prisma, followed by the Robert Pan-exhibition at the 'Kunstforum beim Rathaus’ ' in Hallein. In 1991, he studied in Paris and London, in the studio of sculptor Bruce Juttel King. In 1993 he went to New York for two years with a scholarship. In 1995 he had several solo exhibitions in well-known galleries in Italy and Austria. In 1996 he presented thumbnails in Galleria Spatia and Gate at Prisma, followed in 1997 by Opening Cocktail at Studio Gerber 43. In the same year he was rewarded the first prize in the Palazzo Plaza public art competition in Bolzano, and the third prize in the Brunnen Groβer Graben contest.

Wanneer en waar

  • Expositieperiode was t/m 22 mei 2016
Mark Peet Visser Gallery (MPV)
Bastion Vught 35
5211 CZ Den Bosch
open: do t/m zo 12.00-18.00 uur , en op afspraak


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