Marie Cloquet

Black rock I, 2016

Over de expositie

Both fragile and evocative, the body of work of Marie Cloquet (Genth - 1976) captures the duality of lateral worlds and the battle between harmony and failure, a practice she calls “Collateral damage.”
"I glance sideways to the things that surround us. We strive for a kind of world in which so many elements are rejected and renounced. Still they remain existent.
Many of my works contain ‘Nouadhibou’ in their title. Nouadhibou is a port city in Western Africa. Along with the beauty of its wide, white sandy beaches I found a harsh, rejected society.
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Wanneer en waar

  • Expositieperiode was t/m 30 apr 2017
Galerie Annie Gentils
Peter Benoitstraat 40
B-2018 Antwerpen
open: wo t/m za 14.00-18.00


Marie Cloquet