Oscar Santillan: Asterism

Accompaniment, 2012

Over de expositie

Oscar Santillan (Ecuador, 1980) is a visual artist living and working between The Netherlands and Ecuador. His practice seeks to go beyond the boundaries of Western reality, which is, according to Santillan, based on binary contraries - good/bad, black/white, man/woman, truth/lies. These categories dissolve in his work, opening up a larger sense of what is possible. Santillan speaks of a territory where all limits of what is possible can be trespassed: what happened, what may have happened, and what is presented are equivalent terms.

Opening during Amsterdam Art Weekend.

Wanneer en waar

  • Expositieperiode was t/m 13 jan 2018
Martin van Zomeren
Hazenstraat 20
1016 SP Amsterdam
open: wo t/m za 13.00-18.00


Oscar Santillan


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