Christiaan Lieverse: Intertwined

Eryngium, 2018

Over de expositie

Intertwining of cultures
Today, in an age when cultures are under threat, the question of cultural identity becomes problematic and takes on new urgency. The reason for this importance lies in the preservation of the traditional cultures and values that are carefully being sewn into the entanglements of globalization.

Persian Rugs
For this project, Lieverse uses hand-woven Persian rugs, a cultural heritage from the near east. Patterns that depict flowering gardens, Persian rugs symbolize paradise. Today these rugs are bleached and distressed on a large scale to adapt them to western taste.

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Wanneer en waar

  • Expositieperiode was t/m 18 nov 2018
Mark Peet Visser Gallery (MPV)
Bastion Vught 35
5211 CZ Den Bosch
open: do t/m zo 12.00-18.00 uur , en op afspraak


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