Being as Becoming

Over de expositie

– Premises –

- if we understand everyone as an amateur in the dynamic face of progressive and experimental contemporaneity;
- If we understand contingency of opportunity a factor of artistic production;
- if we understand art as a dynamic service, rather than a static object only to be judged through a density of texts;
- if we understand the artistic rendition as a key to understanding art as a push for life;
- if we position the poetic momentum as a dynamic factor in engaging our subjective momentum;
- if we understand this dynamic as an open source of possibilities, rather than a paternalistic causal narrative;
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Wanneer en waar

  • Expositieperiode was t/m 28 okt 2018
willemstraat 27
5611HB Eindhoven
040 785 14 07

open: do t/m zondag van 13:00-17:00 en op afspraak