Guidetti's World

Guido van Amelsfoort

Over de expositie

On the occasion of Amsterdam Art Weekend, ISO Amsterdam invites Guido van Amelsfoort (NL-1986), Milena Anna Bouma (NL-1994), Kaspar Dejong (NL-1995), Mees van Rijckevorsel (NL-1990), An Vo (NL-1987) with the participation of Noah Cohen (FR-1995), to make Guidetti’s World turn. A world shaped with ceramics, paintings, drawings, collages, sculptures, installations, video, music, performances and spoken word. They all share humor, materiality and street culture, oscillating between poetry, iconoclasm and romanticism.

A group exhibition curated by Florence Parot, on view until December 8th

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Wanneer en waar

  • Expositieperiode was t/m 8 dec 2018
Isolatorweg 17
1014 AS Amsterdam


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