Sam Samiee: Casino Copernicus

Casino Copernicus (detail), 2018

Over de expositie

Galerie Fons Welters presents "Casino Copernicus", a solo exhibition by Sam Samiee in the front space of the gallery. For the development of the works on view in Casino Copernicus two texts have been important to Samiee: The Unfinished Copernican Revolution by French psychoanalyst Jean Laplanche and The Black Sun by Bulgarian-French philosopher and psychoanalyst Julia Kristeva. Samiee compares the practice of an artist/painter with gambling; every stroke, decision or step in the work could deliver a move forward, but could also set you back. The books attend to Samiee’s interest in the way the humans we like or are afraid of are the center for our thoughts and actions.

Sam Samiee (1988, IRN) lives and works in Amsterdam, Berlin and Tehran. He studied painting and industrial design at the Art University in Tehran; AKI in Enschede and was a resident artist at the Rijksakademie during 2014-2015. Recently Samiee had a solo show at the Gemeentemuseum, The Hague and his work was part of the 10th Berlin Biennale. He recently won the Wolvenkamp Prijs and in 2016 won the Royal Award for Modern Painting in the Netherlands.

Wanneer en waar

  • Expositieperiode was t/m 12 jan 2019
Galerie Fons Welters
Bloemstraat 140
1016 LJ Amsterdam

open: di t/m za 13.00-18.00,


Sam Samiee


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