I still send you a lot of affection and I kiss you through my denture


Over de expositie

An exhibition by Pauline Curnier Jardin.

“The old hags, the dykes, the frigid, the unfucked, the unfuckables, the neurotics, the psychos, all those girls that don’t get a look in the universal market of the consumable chick”. This is a description by the French filmmaker and writer Virginie Despentes describing her preferred readers. Similarly the personas in the work of Pauline Curnier Jardin in the exhibition at 1646 evoke the old daring and joyous godmothers, finally “out of market” – free, gratis.

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Wanneer en waar

  • Expositieperiode was t/m 21 apr 2019
Boekhorststraat 125
2512 CN Den Haag
open: do t/m zo 13.00-18.00


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