Hernan Bas and Ioan Sbârciu: Through painters' eyes

Hernan Bas
Hernan Bas
Ioan Sbârciu
Ioan Sbârciu

Over de expositie

Galerie Ron Mandos presents Through Painters’ Eyes: an exhibition focusing on international developments in painting. The gallery proudly introduces works by influential American artist Hernan Bas and Romanian painter and professor Ioan Sbârciu. These artists share a critical view of our world, a fresh attitude towards painting and a great mastery of the medium. In the gallery’s back room, a selection of works by Anthony Goicolea, Muntean/ Rosenblum and Hans Op de Beeck is presented.

Hernan Bas
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Wanneer en waar

  • Expositieperiode was t/m 6 jul 2019
RONMANDOS gallery Amsterdam
Prinsengracht 282
1016 HJ Amsterdam

open: wo t/m za 12.00-18.00