Lucandrea Baraldi: Unfolding Experiential Landscapes #1

Over de expositie

Lucandrea Baraldi, Italian artist and 'experience and narrative designer', presents his new work 'Unfolding Experiential Landscapes #1' at SEA Foundation. The exhibition is part of the larger series 'Atlas of Experiential Landscapes', in which Lucandrea Baraldi researches the subjective-objective relationship between people and objects, spaces or systems. He defines experiential landscapes as “alive collections of elements such as memories, cultural associations, sensory and emotional nuances.” He approaches and examines objects not merely as physical or functional tools, but through individual experiences and narratives.

Wanneer en waar

  • Expositieperiode was t/m 18 jun 2019
SEA Foundation / Project Space Tilburg
Tivolistraat 22
5017 HP Tilburg

open: do t/m za 13.00-17.00, en op afspraak