Koen Wastijn: BCC (Blind Carbon Copy)


Over de expositie

A series of drawings with memory in matter.

BCC is a series of landscape drawings in different colours. The drawings are made with transfer paper in a limited colour palette. The locations are collected through the apps Google Earth or Maps and drawn out of their context. Through the technique of hachurage (shading) volumes and surfaces on the paper are processed and combined to form an 'abstraction' on paper. Graduallay the coloured shapes form an ensemble which once again in a larger group present an even larger 'abstract constellation of colours and shapes’.
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Wanneer en waar

  • Expositieperiode was t/m 5 jul 2019
Zwart Huis
Zeedijk 635
B-8300 Knokke

open: za en zo 14.00-18.00


Koen Wastijn