Sotheby's Amsterdam  (1972)

De Boelelaan 30  Plattegrond via Google
1083 HJ Amsterdam, Nederland
T 020-5502200
Per veiling aparte kijkdagen en veilinguren.

Contact: Diana Ridderikhoff

Amsterdamse vestiging van internationaal veilinghuis.

Overige informatie

Sotheby's opened an office in the city center of Amsterdam in 1972. In 1999, having just celebrated its 25th anniversary, the company moved into a newly-created building in the southern part of the city. The salerooms offer more than twice the space of the previous location. Confirming Sotheby's prominent position in the Northern European auction world, the move has provided both the capacity and the facilities to take the company into the 21st century. With more than 5,000 square meters of space, the new location offers four large galleries for exhibitions and sales, not to mention lectures, symposia and concerts. Add to that a restaurant and comprehensive bookshop and the location becomes a state of the art auction center. The location places it in the heart of a prosperous business district and only minutes away from Schiphol Airport. Among the most widely attended sales at Sotheby's Amsterdam are Modern and Contemporary Art, Old Master Paintings and Drawings and 19th-century European Paintings, important events on the international art market calendar. Prestigious sales held by Sotheby's Amsterdam were the collections of HRH Princess Christina of the Netherlands, sold in November 1996 and of HRH Princess Lilian of Belgium, sold in September 2003.

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Nieuws- en persberichten
17/05/2011 Sotheby's veilt Kiefer's Marie-Antoinette voor €96.750
01/03/2011 Sterk 2010 voor veilinghuis Sotheby's
16/02/2011 Sotheby's veilt 100 kilo zonnebloemzaadjes Ai Wei Wei voor 4 ton
08/07/2010 Recordbedrag voor Jan Lievens bij Sotheby’s
21/09/2009 Twee nieuw ontdekte stillevens van Adriaen Coorte ter veiling
22/10/2007 Sotheby’s afdeling Oude Meesters in nieuwe samenstelling

Veiling van 19e eeuwse schilderijen
3/6/2011 - 7/6/2011
Pieter Lemmens: Vlinders & Worst
13/5/2011 - 15/5/2011
Veiling tweede deel van de voormalige Peter Stuyvesant Collectie
14/4/2011 - 19/4/2011
Evening sale of Impressionist and Modern Art, London
8/2/2011 - 8/2/2011
Veiling Oude Meesters met onder andere Gerard Dou
30/11/2010 - 30/11/2010
Sotheby’s veilt meesterwerk van Modigliani in New York
29/10/2010 - 2/11/2010
Veiling 19e Eeuwse Schilderijen en Moderne & Hedendaagse Kunst
14/6/2010 - 14/6/2010
Veiling Hedendaagse kunst van de Rijksacademie
28/5/2010 - 1/6/2010
Veiling van Oude Meesters
18/5/2010 - 18/5/2010
Veiling Henri Matisse: A Celebration of Peace
30/4/2010 - 5/5/2010
Veiling voormalige Peter Stuyvesant Collectie (1960 - 2010)
8/3/2010 - 8/3/2010
Veiling zeldzame Klimt uit Collectie wijlen Viktor and Paula Zuckerkandl
3/2/2010 - 3/2/2010
Veiling Hendrick Goltzius: Jupiter en Antiope
28/1/2010 - 28/1/2010
Veiling 19e Eeuwse Schilderijen en Moderne & Hedendaagse kunst
15/12/2009 - 15/12/2009
Adriaen Coorte op Veiling Oude Meester Schilderijen
27/11/2009 - 1/12/2009
Veiling van Kunst uit de 20ste eeuw
1/7/2009 - 1/7/2009
Veiling 19de eeuwse schilderijen
17/4/2009 - 22/4/2009
Eppe de Haan
8/1/2009 - 16/1/2009
Veiling Moderne en hedendaagse kunst
3/12/2008 - 3/12/2008
Sotheby’s veilt Tassen van Hester van Eeghen
7/11/2008 - 9/11/2008
Veiling Oude Meesters
7/10/2008 - 11/11/2008
Tekening Rembrandt´s Moeder door Jan Lievens bij Sotheby's Londen op 9 juli
9/7/2008 - 9/7/2008
Veiling Modern and Contemporary Art
20/6/2008 - 25/6/2008
Veiling Oude Meesters / Old Master Paintings
2/5/2008 - 7/5/2008
Veiling Dutch Design avant-la-lettre
1/2/2008 - 5/2/2008
Sotheby’s veilt de collectie van Robert en Angelique Noortman
14/12/2007 - 18/12/2007
12/7/2007 - 29/7/2007
Wu Ching Ju: Deep within me, there’s a source that feeds my pride
25/11/2006 - 3/12/2006
Veiling moderne kunst
8/6/2004 - 8/6/2004

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