Arken Museum for Moderne Kunst  (1996)

Skovvej 100  Plattegrond via Google
DK-2635 Ishøj, Denemarken
T +45-43-540222

Contact: Christian Gether (dir)

Overige informatie

ARKEN Museum of Modern Art was opened 15 March 1996 by Her Majesty Queen Margrethe. Prior to the opening lay years of political work to turn the region south of Copenhagen to an important part of Danish cultural life.

In many ways ARKEN is a natural part of the development of Copenhagen. From the very beginning of the urban renewal in the 1960s Copenhagen’s western and southern suburbs became established as the foremost destination for former inhabitants of the inner city. This meant that the population in the new suburban municipalities grew significantly in number throughout the latter half of the twentieth century.
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This tendency was reinforced by the increased immigration into Denmark. The municipalities south of Copenhagen became popular residences for people of especially Kurdish, Turkish and Pakistani origin. For the first time large multi-cultural quarters sprang up in Denmark.

In continuation of Danish cultural politics it was natural to establish a cultural institution to give the large new population of the western suburbs an opportunity to experience the greatest national and international art in their own region.

This ambition carried the foundation of ARKEN Museum of Modern Art through the political system. And it led to one of the great Danish cultural investments of the latter half of the twentieth century. ARKEN became an undertaking of international dimensions.

"At ARKEN we want our museum to be utilised by as many people as possible and we wish to enter into a dialogue with our users. Therefore we strive for the highest expertise and professionalism in all matters. The guest's encounter with the art is our main concern. That is why our exhibitions are realised so that the insights into life that art offers can be understood by as many people as possible. The aim of the exhibition must be clear to all our visitors because we want our guests always to leave with something to reflect upon.

This applies even when the messages about life that art sends us are not the most cheerful or optimistic. These are serious matters we deal with at ARKEN because life is serious.

We have no doubts that man can learn from the messages found in art. We deliberately strive to explore and shed light on the conditions under which people live today. And we utilise art to explore, define, comment and criticise these conditions.

That is why we will never compromise the quality of what we do. For high quality – in exhibitions, in communicating them to the public and in the general service at the museum – is the only way we can really express our respect for ARKEN’s guests."

Chagall's world of love
8/10/2005 - 15/1/2006
Bruno Liljefors en Johannes Larsen: Nature - A Philosophy
28/5/2005 - 28/8/2005
Fernand Léger: Man in the new age
5/2/2005 - 16/5/2005
Paradise regained: German expressionism
18/9/2004 - 23/1/2005
Anders Zorn and Contemporary Nordic Art
26/6/2004 - 5/9/2004
Arken's Collection
14/2/2004 - 30/12/2004
Ciarán Lennon
14/2/2004 - 18/4/2004
Picasso: For all times
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