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Kölnischer Kunstverein  (1839)

Hahnenstraße 6 / Die Brücke  Plattegrond via Google
D-50667 Köln, Deutschland
T +49-221-217021
di t/m zo 13.00-19.00

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The Kölnischer Kunstverein (Art Association of Cologne) was founded in 1839. As one of the oldest art associations in Germany and with 2000 members it is one of the most renowned exhibition institutions, and its activities are highly regarded not only in Cologne and the surrounding region, but also internationally. The main focus of the Kölnischer Kunstverein is to enable exhibitions that are determined by artistic demands and which intensify the confrontation with international art of today.
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Projekt Migration: Roadmap to Europe
1/10/2005 - 15/1/2006
Trisha Donnelly: Central Kunstpreis
25/6/2005 - 4/9/2005
Cezary Bodzianowski: Ein und Aus / In and Out
19/2/2005 - 15/5/2005