Art'fab: Salle Jean Despas, Annonciade Museum, Citadel

Place des Lices  Plattegrond via Google
F-83990 Saint-Tropez, France
T +33-494978072

Contact: Claudine Colin

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ART’FAB is the very first exhibition of the new “Cultural Summer” of Saint-Tropez and the theme is “Women of Europe”. Three subjects, linked to European artistic creation in the 21st century, are illustrated in four completely different parts of the town.

The symbolic building dominating Saint-Tropez, the Citadel and the Annonciade Museum, are ideal places to exhibit sculptures and works of European men and women, suggesting fragility, transparency, desire, protection, grace and pleasure.
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Salle Jean Despas
11/7/2006 - 31/8/2006
11/7/2006 - 8/10/2006
Lavoir Vasserot
11/7/2006 - 31/8/2006
Thomas Schütte in Annonciade Museum
1/7/2006 - 16/10/2006