Argos  (1989)

Werfstraat 13 rue du Chantier  Plattegrond via Google
B-1000 Brussel, BelgiŽ
T +32-2-2290003
di t/m za 12.00-19.00
entree Ä 3,00

Contact: Frie Depraetere (dir), Stoffel Debuysere (comm)

Overige informatie

Argos is a Brussels based centre for art and media that was founded in 1989. Over the years the organisation has developed from a distributor of artists' video and film into a broader art centre incorporating also functions as exhibitions, screenings and events, production, conservation and preservation, publishing and the development of a public media library.
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Argos shows art in an international perspective, moving on the divide between visual and audiovisual media. Each year at least four major exhibitions are set up, running on average over a two-month period. Next to this smaller single-artist projects are carried out. Apart from showing current developments, often consisting of production assignments, there is attention for bringing into action historical work and its recontextualisation. Exhibitions are often supported by publications and lectures an where possible coherence is aspired with other functions.

Since September 1999 argos' main activities are located in a former warehouse in the Brussels' canal area. The centre disposes of a 1300 square meters surface, 800 square meters of which are reserved for exhibitions that are divided over two floors.

Harun Farocki
15/4/2013 - 30/6/2013
Nicolas Provost: Plot Point Trilogy
22/4/2012 - 1/7/2012
Maria Iorio en RaphaŽl Cuomo: Twisted realism
22/4/2012 - 1/7/2012
Graduate Show Master Visual Arts 2010 Sint-Lukas
21/9/2010 - 2/10/2010
Rinko Kawauchi: Transient Wonders
2/2/2010 - 27/3/2010
Ralo Mayer: ... traveling through Biosphere 2, or: Anastylosis of Follies
2/2/2010 - 27/2/2010
Gary Hill: Site/Recite (A Prologue)
20/2/2007 - 3/3/2007
Ana Torfs: Anatomy
6/2/2007 - 10/3/2007
MVRDV: Piece by Piece
6/2/2007 - 10/3/2007 is sinds begin mei 2018 weer in de lucht, maar om de site up-to-date te houden ben ik op zoek naar vrijwilligers die bereid zijn om actuele exposities toe te voegen. Mail naar indien u hiervoor belangstelling heeft.

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