The Fruitmarket Gallery  (1974)

45 Market Street  Plattegrond via Google
EH1 1DF Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
T +44-1312252383
ma t/m zo 10.00-19.00

Contact: Fiona Bradley (dir), Louise Anderson (comm)

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The Fruitmarket Gallery brings artists and audiences together through exhibitions, commissions, interpretation, education and publishing.
- Exhibitions showing new and existing work by Scottish and international artists in solo and group presentations
- Commissions enabling artists to develop and make new work
- Interpretation giving audiences the tools to access art for themselves, encouraging questions and supporting debate
- Education exploring issues raised in art with audiences of all ages, backgrounds and knowledge levels
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Roman Signer
2/11/2007 - 27/1/2008
Alex Hartley
27/7/2007 - 21/10/2007