Wijnbrugstraat 330  Plattegrond via Google
3011 XW Rotterdam, Nederland
M 06-41515989

Contact: Michel van Adrichem / Han van den Born

Overige informatie

Wallgallery is not a commercial enterprise nor a hobby but a radical concept to live with and promote art. It is space for art inside the privacy of a lofty appartment in The Red Apple in Rotterdam. A rough concrete wall on the 37th floor screens off the outside world, defines the room and offers backcover for panoramic views. It can also hold an experimental vision. Every season an exchange of art -or whatever idea transformed into reality- takes place in an open minded environment. Each presentation aims at turning views into vision.

Sing Along If You Don't Know The Words
11/12/2014 - 13/12/2014
Tanneke Barendregt: In mijn Huis woont een Stad
2/3/2014 - 4/5/2014
Carlo: Tussen de lucht
13/1/2013 - 1/3/2013
Jochem Rotteveel: On Glitch
28/11/2012 - 7/1/2013
Albert van Westing: Vincent
4/3/2012 - 30/4/2012
Paul van der Eerden: Affinities
17/4/2011 - 26/6/2011
Egied Simons: Liquid Files
9/1/2011 - 21/3/2011
Summer of Love
21/6/2010 - 21/9/2010