Art Pride Amsterdam  (2011)

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1000 AA Amsterdam, Nederland
T 020-7766961

Contact: Pim van der Horst

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We are proud to present to you ArtPrideAmsterdam: a ‘sexual and disturbing art’ show this August, when everyone in Amsterdam enjoys the Gay Pride, the city's largest annual event, attracting people from all over the world to Amsterdam. We are here to show you sexual and disturbing art on three amazing locations in the UNESCO Wold Cultural Heritage Monument : the Amsterdam Canal District.
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ArtPrideAmsterdam has carefully selected a range of artists from all disciplines and backgrounds, with a focus on the quality of their work and the extent to which their art is sexual and disturbing. We are proud of our colourful city, one of the most tolerant free thinking places in the world. Our aim is to increase awareness at local levels for funding, support and recognition of the arts as vital to Amsterdam's quality of life.

ArtPrideAmsterdam welcomes you to our amazing city and wishes you a wonderful time! is sinds begin mei 2018 weer in de lucht, maar om de site up-to-date te houden ben ik op zoek naar vrijwilligers die bereid zijn om actuele exposities toe te voegen. Mail naar indien u hiervoor belangstelling heeft.

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