Villa Merkel : Galerie at GALERIES.NL

Villa Merkel

Pulverwiesen 25  Plattegrond via Google
D-73726 Esslingen, Deutschland
T +49-71135122640
di 11.00-20.00
wo t/m zo 11.00-20.00
entree 1,50 euro

Overige informatie

The Villa Merkel regards the curatorial role as being similar to a two-way hinge – we serve artists as competent partners (discoverers/supporters) and we serve the public as mediators and art agents. One of our main objectives is to drive innovation by investing in artistic production. The Villa Merkel is committed to presenting, promoting and discussing innovative work by emerging international contemporary artists.

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Goldrausch: contemporary art made from, with or about gold
17/2/2013 - 14/4/2013
Adrien Tirtiaux: Die weißen Wände der Welt
23/11/2012 - 3/2/2013

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