Cityscapes Gallery

Kattenburgerstraat, Gebouw 027E, Marineterrein  Plattegrond via Google
1018 JA Amsterdam, Nederland
T 06-28570889
visit by appointment,
also in the weekend and evenings

Contact: Bastiaan Gribling en Noortje Tan

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Cityscapes is a gallery that operates on the interfaces of art, architecture and the city since 2011. Focussing on architecture and the city as works of art and works of art that are inspired by architecture or the city. Cityscapes aims to establish a mutually stimulating dialoque between artist, architects and urban planners, aspiring to kindle the interest of art institutions, collectors and and the public worldwide, savouring the unique properties and importance of this relatively unexplored field of art.

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Ingenieurskunst - Waves & Particles
28/3/2019 - 20/12/2019
Marc Müller: Particles and waves
25/2/2019 - 6/4/2019
Circular City
25/6/2016 - 26/8/2016

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