A Tale of a Tub

Justus van Effenstraat 44  Plattegrond via Google
3027 TK Rotterdam, Nederland
M 06-46014706
vr t/m zo 13.00-18.00
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Contact: Nathanja van Dijk en Suzanne Wallinga

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Operating from the former bathhouse at the heart of the monumental Justus van Effen complex in Rotterdam (NL), A Tale of a Tub stimulates new developments in contemporary art and explores their meaning within the realm of art and beyond. A Tale of a Tub offers a testing ground for ideas stemming from the practices of artists, curators and theorists. Research, dialogue and reflection lie at the center of A Tale of a Tubís programming. Intertwined with the presentation program, a local public program is organized, consisting of performances, screenings, artist talks, publications, lectures by curators and scholars, and theory development with regards to the practices of A Tale of a Tubís participating artists.

A Tale of a Tub was founded by Nathanja van Dijk and Suzanne Wallinga and is run in partnership with Carolyn H Drake. Responding to a moment in which the support of artistic initiatives is threatening to decrease, they believe this space is needed for both the development of contemporary art, and the appreciation of its position in our own time. Taking their academic backgrounds as a departure point the curators commit to give contemporary art in the Netherlands new impulses whilst pursuing collaborations with initiatives abroad.

The name A Tale of a Tub refers to the former bathhouse as well as to the first major work written by the Anglo-Irish satirist, essayist and poet, Jonathan Swift. The work was translated into Dutch by the author Justus van Effen, who achieved international recognition as a writer of periodicals.

Guten Morgen, Europa!
17/4/2019 - 23/6/2019
Kate Cooper: Sensory Primer
7/2/2019 - 7/5/2019
Shezad Dawood: Leviathan
18/11/2018 - 27/1/2019
Assemblages of Intimacy
22/4/2018 - 24/6/2018
Christopher Kulendran Thomas in samenwerking met Annika Kuhlmann: Rome
19/11/2017 - 21/1/2018

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