Francis Marshall  (1946)

Francis Marshall was born in 1946 near Paris in France where he continues to live and work. Marshall first exhibited at The Hayward Gallery, London in 1979. He played an important role in the exhibition of Outsiders: a show that brought together artists who worked outside the mainstream developments in contemporary art, dwelling on the fringes of society. Their work adhered to Dubuffet´s concept of Art Brut raw art; artistic expression in its most ´raw´ state uncooked by socially indoctrinated cultural and artistic influences. During the show, Marshall exhibited a series of bourrages stuffed objects made up of material that he had picked up along the banks of the river Seine downstream from Paris. His tableaux formed a gritty critique of his native rural existence.
Since then, Marshall has continued to work on the margins, outside accepted cultural norms. His paintings coming on view at Aschenbach & Hofland Galleries are no exception. Produced from the inner depths of his personality, Marshall¹s work is extraordinary and truly original.

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