Beyond emerging realities
Building the Case for Change
Challenging the Base Assumptions
Selecting the Shape and Set-up
How much of idealism is there in sustainable futures ? They may be a long journey, tend to be a world away from self-evident answers, and usually require a viable business proposition to compel. Why then start for your venture into the unknown at all ?

So ask yourself some questions in advance. Why would you ? What makes you want to move into uncharted waters ? Where would you expect to learn ? Who would you expect to join ? What is your case for change ? Where should it lead you ? What should it get you ? When ?

Not the questions but the answers are vital. What will make you succeed are your skills and determination rather than ideals, your abilities to prepare and adapt rather than rigid commitment. The answers will tell how to organise yourself.

The LimBer network started end of 2003 with 4 people each covering over 20 years of hands-on professional experience in creating sustainable options. With people who care for people.

Success requires the ability to disseminate new practices developed and tested in the field. Knowing how projects for sustainability can be made to work, also under adverse conditions.

Today the network's core group is slowly growing (6 in 2005, 8 in 2006), building public private partnerships and sustainable value chain partnership networks.