Learning in motion
Developing the Strategies
Assembling the Resources
Intensifying the Momentum
Ventures to create sustainable value are no different from other ventures: they may fail because of flawed ambition, weak strategy, partial competence or poor preparation. Such conditions tend to stifle mobility, block energy, and prevent people to learn.

Resilient sustainable ventures require non-traditional diversification, often against the pre-dominant logic. Without the capability to learn from others and to share and/or the ability to look beyond emerging realities the chances to create genuine value will remain limited.

Experience learns that external brokerage and a solid foundation through an appropriate network can help to break this mould: learning through others, learning by doing, sharing the unknowns, hedging the risks, enhancing the diversity of skills, creativity and mastery.

A core philosophy of LimBer is that building strengths requires that one shares concerns and vulnerabilities with people one trusts and who understand. Through learning networks.

The essence of any learning networks is sense and purpose, and a trusted independent third party to bring the network together and facilitate its players. By people who do so every day.

LimBer's strategy is to build learning networks around sustainability themes and to provide structured support. By concepts, counselling and coaching. By participation if needs be.